On the Cusp of a New Year

Poised at the edge of a new year, it is tempting to write resolutions: commitments, goals, and expectations for the future.  While those things are important, perhaps today is an appropriate moment to write instead about Chickadees.  Chickadees, with their round little bodies, black caps, and nimble way of flitting from branch to branch, are a welcome sight at a recently hung feeder.  As this feeder is new, one bird bounces down to grab a nibble while another hidden bird sings the Chickadee-dee melody.  Later today, I predict that they will each become comfortable enough to visit the feeder simultaneously.  If they are part of a winter flock, which is likely, tomorrow may bring more perky friends.  I look forward to acquainting myself with each of them as this new year rolls in, bitterly cold and sunny.


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