A List of Distractions

This past week has been rough.  Sunday and Monday were spent with a mild virus- just enough to feel sick and lethargic.  Yesterday, I spent three hours having a root canal that did not go smoothly, to say the least.  Last night, while I was trying to relax and ignore the continued throbbing in my mouth and jaw, I found myself scrolling through lists, published on various websites.  25 Easy Weeknight Meals, 20 Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths, Top Ten Commercials of All Time, etc.

I realized that I had scrolled through some of the same lists and websites the previous weekend while I was feeling yucky.  What is it about feeling sick that makes me crave a good list?  Is it the mindlessness of scrolling along, reading bite-sized tidbits of information about each entry?  Is it a guilty pleasure of sorts, reading about topics that I don’t normally devote time to?  Or perhaps when I’m feeling out-of-sorts, a tidy and orderly list appeals to me in its organization?

I can’t exactly put my finger on why I find lists so appealing, especially when I am unwell.  More than likely, it is a combination of all of those reasons and maybe more that I have yet to identify.  Either way, now I’m off to discover 35 Cool Lists To Start And Keep In 2018 and I’m feeling better already!


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